Key Developments in 1Q2012

  • Viktor Kharitonin[1], Alexander Shuster[2] and eight other participants of the project were given an award and the title "Winners of the Russian Federation government award in the field of science and technology" for the scientific research, development and bringing to clinical practice of Diaskintest®, a biotechnological innovative product for identification of tuberculosis infection in adults and children (Order of the Government of the Russian Federation No 146-r of 6 February 2012).
  • An advanced research has proven the efficiency and safety of Arbidol® during pregnancy. The research confirmed that taking Arbidol® for prevention of the A(H1N1) flu virus during the pandemic of 2009/10 by pregnant women had a positive effect on them, did not damage the foetus and reduced severity of the disease.
  • Results of the pharmacoepidemiological research of flu and other ARVI diseases and their dynamics in the 2010/11 season were announced. This research unequivocally confirmed the high efficiency of anti-flu medication if taken early enough after the onset of the illness. Arbidol® and Tamiflu®, if taken within the 48 hours from the onset of the disease, reduce the duration of the influenza illness by more than two days. Early prescription of Arbidol® during an ARVI illness also reduces the incidence of developing complications. If Arbidol® or Tamiflu® are taken later than two days after the onset of the influenza symptoms, their efficiency is significantly reduced.
  • Pharmstandard announced the commencement of ARBITR, a post-registration clinical trial to be conducted in compliance with the requirements or Russian legislative regulations (law No. 61 of the Russian Federation On the Circulation of Pharmaceutical Products, of 12 April 2010) and international standards of clinical trials, ICH-GCP. The main objective of the trial is to obtain additional data regarding the safety and efficiency of Arbidol® during its use for the prevention and treatment of flu and other ARVI, including the possibility of evolution of Arbidol®-resistant strains of influenza viruses.
  • In March 2012, Dmitry Medvedev, during his working trip to the Vladimir region, visited the R&D Centre Generium (LLC NauchTechStroi Plus*)
  • At the 12th Open Russian Competition of Pharmaceutical Industry Professionals "Platinum Ounce", Pharmstandard won the nomination "Best Russian Manufacturer".
  • State Agency of Pharmaceutical Products of the Republic of Latvia has confirmed that OJSC Pharmstandard-Leksredstva complies with the requirements of Good Manufacturing Practice standards (GMP EU) established by the European Commission Directive 2003/94/ЕС . A new compliance certificate No. ZVA/LV/2012/006H was issued on 10 February 2012.

Key Developments in 2011

  • In 2011, Arbidol® kept its leading position as No.1 bestselling pharmaceutical product in Russia.[3]
  • In 2011, OJSC Pharmstandard held the third position among the TOP-10 pharmaceutical corporations operating in the territory of the Russian Federation (retail sector).[4]
  • Pharmstandard came 27 in the TOP-100 of the most dynamic consumer goods companies, according to the rating of the Kommersant Secret Firmi Magazine.178 consumer goods companies participated in the survey; each of them had been in business for at least three years and was one of the five leading companies in its market.
  • OJSC Pharmstandard came top of the list of the most influential domestic pharmaceuticals producers in 2011, according the annual rating compiled by the Farmatsevticheski Vestnik newspaper and Market Research Centre Pharmexpert.
  • In June 2011, the Vedomosti newspaper published a list of the top 100 biggest companies of Eastern Europe with OJSC Pharmstandard in the 56th position.
  • In 2011, construction of warehouse facilities at OJSC Pharmstandard-Leksredstva and OJSC Pharmstandard-UfaVITA was completed. Construction of warehouses with sufficient space to store raw materials, packaging materials and finished products in conditions compliant with GMP standards will rule out shortages of warehouse space for storing substances, materials and finished products.
  • At OJSC Pharmstandard-UfaVITA, construction of production floors for manufacturing cytostatic pharmaceutical products compliant with the European GMP standards commenced. The Company is planning to start the manufacture of both its own modern cytostaic products and those produced within the framework of joint projects with foreign companies. The investment will amount to about 40 million Euros. The manufacturing facilities are scheduled for commissioning in 1Q2015.
  • In 2011, Roche (Switzerland) and the group of companies Pharmstandard completed the localisation of production of Mabthera® (rituximab) in the territory of the Russian Federation. The work of this partnership resulted in the successful transfer of the final stages of production of this biotechnological original product to the modern plant of OJSC Pharmstandard-UfaVITA.
  • In 2011, the Company's employees brought new medicines to production: Medira®, Gluconorm®, Water for Injections (in 2 ml, 4 ml, 5 ml, 8 ml and 10 ml bottles), Azitrox® (500 mg capsules No. 2).
  • In 2011, the following eight Pharmstandard products were in the TOP-20 list of best selling Russian brands: Arbidol® (No. 1), Pentalgin® (No. 2), Complivit® (No. 7), Terpincod® (No. 13), Codelac® (No. 14), Afobazol® (No. 16), Amixin® (No. 18) and Flucostat® (No. 18).
  • An offer to purchase 4.9% of ordinary OJSC Pharmstandard shares
    On 18 January 2011 OJSC Pharmstandard-Leksredstva announced an offer to purchase up to 4.9% of OJSC Pharmstandard shares (up to 1,850 shares). On 18 February, 2011 OJSC Pharmstandard-Leksredstva indicated to its shareholders who had tendered their shares, the number of shares accepted from them based on the review of the submitted applications to sell shares ("ofertas"). In future, the Company can use these shares to conduct merges and takeovers.
  • Acquisition of 55% of shares of PJSC Biolek (Ukraine)
    In January 2011 the Company announced the purchase of 55% of shares of PJSC Biolek (Ukraine), a pharmaceutical facility for the manufacture of immunobiological products, serums and vaccines. Following the decision of a shareholders meeting, in June 2011 PJSC Biolek was renamed PJSC Pharmstandard-Biolek.
  • R&D Centre Generium (NauchTechStroi Plus LLC)
    In 2011, the construction of R&D Centre Generium (NauchTechStroi Plus LLC) was completed on time, according to the schedule of development of Biotechnological Project Generium - a joint venture involving a number of Russian companies alongside Pharmstandard.
  • Creation of Pharmstandard-Medtechnika LLC
    In July 2011, OJSC Pharmstandard and DGM Group of Companies announced the establishment of Pharmstandard-Medtechnika LLC. The main objectives of Pharmstandard-Medtechnika LLC include promotion of the full range of equipment for the construction of infection control systems and Central Sterilization Departments within medical establishments, marketing, sales (both direct and through distribution networks), provision of comprehensive services and training for clients. 

Key developments in 2010

  • Pharmstandard won in the 'Pharmaceutical Industry' nomination category of the national business award competition 'Company of the Year 2010'.[5]
  • As in the previous year, Arbidol® remains the best performing retail brand. Arbidol®'s share of the total pharmaceutical retail sales in Russia was 1.5%.[6]
  • In August 2010, OJSC «Pharmstandard» acquired 100% of the shares of CJSC «Vindexpharm». CJSC «Vindexpharm» owns the Acipol® trademark.
  • Pharmstandard launched 12 new products: Pentalgin®, Acipol® (capsules), Formetin® (850 mg and 1000 mg tablets), Phosphogliv® forte (capsules), Artrozan® (solution for intramuscular injection 6 mg/ml), Complivit® Calcium D3 forte (tablets), Complivit® Calcium D3 for young children (powder), Complivit® Trimestrum 1,2,3, trimester (tablets), Maxicold® Rino (powder), Selmevit® Intensive (coated tablets).
  • Pharmstandard registered retail prices for 98 pharmaceuticals produced by the company (taking into account all forms and dosages) included in the Vital and Essential Pharmaceuticals (VEP) List for 2010. The Company's revenue from sales of the pharmaceutical products included in the VEP List reached RUR 9.568 million which accounted for 50.5% of the company's organic sales revenue in 2010.
  • In September 2010, OJSC «Pharmstandard» and State Corporation «ROSTEKHNOLOGII» signed a co-operation agreement. According to the agreement, the Corporation will provide assistance in the implementation of OJSC «Pharmstandard» projects related to (re-)equipment and servicing of high-tech medical facilities at medical establishments in the territory of the Russian Federation.
  • The OJSC «Pharmstandard» and «Johnson & Johnson» LLC entered into mutual agreement and successfully realized the project to localize secondary packaging of the product Velcade® (INN Bortezomib) on the Company`s production facility OJSC «Pharmstandard-Ufavita».
  • Implementation of biotechnological project GENERIUM:
    Construction and installation works, building communication network and construction of roads within the R&D centre Generium (Nauchtech Stroy Plus Ltd) have been completed. Interior furnishing and equipment installation have begun. In 2011 the Company is planning that by the end of 2011, laboratories of molecular biology, cellular technology and bio-chemistry will be operational; 41 residential buildings for R&D personnel accommodation, a cultural and business center, a general communications network and municipal amenities will be competed.

Key Developments in 2009

  • Pharmstandard became the leader of the Russian pharmaceutical market as result of higher sales of medicines, and increasing its share in the market from 4.0% to 4.4%.
  • Pharmstandard keeps the leadership in the commercial segment of the market, increasing its share from 5.2% to 5.5% as result of higher sales during 2009.
  • Pharmstandard remains the uncontested leader among the domestic producers as result of higher sales of medicines in-creasing its share from 18.9% to 20.0%.
  • In the framework of the tenth jubilee of the open contest of professionals in pharmaceutical branch «Platinum ounce 2009» Pharmstandard was elected the winner in the nominations «Company of the Year – Russian producer of medicines» and «Company of decade – Russian producer of medicines».
  • Pharmstandard was the first Russian company to become a full-fledged member of the International Pharmaceutical Excipients Council Europe (IPEC Europe). Pharmstandard is the first Russian company included to the organization.
  • In November 2009, Pharmstandard JSC has legally merged with two minor subsidiaries Pharmstandard-Oktyabr OJSC and Masterlek CJSC. This merger was performed to optimize the legal and organizational structure of the Group (which was comprised of Pharmstandard JSC and its subsidiaries) and had no significant impact on Pharmstandard business activities.
  • In the 4th quarter of 2009 the management of the Group approved the plan for the foundation of a new Biotech joint venture as the part of a strategic plan incorporated in project «Generium». In February 2010 LLC «NauchTechStroy Plus» (LLC «NTS Plus») was established by two participants and duly registered. Pharmstandard owns 50% of the share capital.
  • Antiviral product Arbidol® became the leader of Russian pharmaceutical market as result of significantly increased sales for year the 2009. The efficacy of Arbidol® as preventive measures and treatment of «swine flu» А/H1N1 was confirmed by the leading Russian virology science centers. The sales of Arbidol® in year 2009 reached RUR 5,503 millions.
  • Arbidol® was elected the winner and was awarded the «Platinum ounce 2009» in the nominations «Over-the-counter preparation of the year» and «Over-the-counter preparation of the decade».
  • The preparation Pentalgin® became the winner of the award «HOUSEHOLD BRAND/BRAND №1 in Russia» in the category «Analgesic drug». The preparation Complivit® became the winner of the award «Brand of Trust» in the category «Vitamins».
  • 7 brands of the company entered the list of 15 best-selling brands in the segment of domestic producers in 2009. They are: Arbidol® (antiviral product), Pentalgin® (pain reliever), Complivit® (vitamins + minerals), Amixin® (immunostimulatory agent), Terpincod® (antiflu), Codelac® (antiflu), Flucostat® (antifungal).
  • Pharmstandard announced the receipt of European Union Good Manufacturing Practice (EU GMP) certificates of conformity for 6 manufacturing lines after the State Agency of Medicines of Latvia audited Pharmstandard-Leksredstva JSC (Pharmstandard-Leksredstva). The Agency inspected drug product manufacture and quality control management for compliance with the EU Good Manufacturing Practice. Pharmstandard-Leksredstva was the first Russian company to be entered into the European database EudraGMP (European Medicines Agency, EMEA).

Key Developments in 2008

  • Pharmstandard was included in the list of top 100 fastest growing European companies published by BusinessWeek[7]
  •  The Company was universally acknowledged as leader of the Russian pharmaceutical market retail segment[8].
  • Pharmstandard becomes No 1 in the Russian pharmaceutical market retail segment.
  • Pharmstandard becomes No 2 in the Russian pharmaceutical market at large.
  • The total output of medicines exceeds 640 million unit packages.
  • Arbidol® becomes the best selling over-the-counter product of the retail pharmaceutical segment[9].
  • Pentalgin® is announced winner of NARODNAYA MARKA (People’s Brand)/RUSSIA’S BRAND No1 Award in Painkillers Category according to the results of nationwide opinion polls.
  • Pharmstandard receives international EU GMP certificates for 6 Pharmstandard – Leksredstva JSC production lines.
  • Pharmstandard becomes winner in three nominations of Platinum Ounce 2007 – All-Russian Pharmaceutical Professionals Open Contest: The Best Company of the Year, The Best OTC Product (Arbidol®) and the Breakthrough of the Year (Rastan®).
  • Pharmstandard – Leksredstva JSC receives a visit from Russia’s Prime Minister V.V. Putin, who came to Kursk to hold a visiting meeting of the RF Government dedicated to the development of pharmaceutical industry.
  • Pharmstandard develops and launches 12 new preparations, completes registration and starts commercial production of a new genetically engineered product Filgrastim produced under Neipomax® trade-name.
  • Pharmstandard – Tomskchimfarm JSC implements an international project for the launch of 5 new production lines and starts commercial production of IRS-19 and Imudon in cooperation with Solvey Pharma (France).
  • Pharmstandard establishes cooperation with Grindex (Latvia) for exclusive distribution and promotion of Mildronate ® in Russia.
  • Pharmstandard buys Afobazol® trademark, which stands for an original anxiolytic used in the treatment of anxiety disorders.
  • Pharmstandard becomes winner of the London Stock Exchange Best New Company Award among medical and pharmaceutical companies whose shares were listed on the London Stock Exchange after 1 April, 2007.

Key Developments in 2007

  • Pharmstandard is awarded the Best Company of 2007 Award[10].
  • Pharmstandard gains the top position in the Russian Manufacturers Category of the 1st of Pharmacia Rating published by Pharmexpert Marketing Research Centre.
  • Pharmstandard’s leading brand Arbidol® becomes winner of Platinum Ounce 2006 in the Best OTC Product Nomination.
  • Pharmstandard signs an agreement for the production of IRS-19® and Imudon® at Pharmstandard – Tomskchimfarm facility with Solvey Pharma (France).
  • In May 2007, Pharmstandard became the first Russian pharmaceutical company which successfully placed 43% of its shares at the Russian Trading System (RTS) and the London Stock Exchange (LSE). In 2007, our share placement at the RTS was considered the best initial public offering in Russia in 2007 and won "Best IPO 2007" at the 4th Russian IPO Congress. Pharmstandard was honoured as Best Newcomer at the London Stock Exchange, among pharmaceutical and medical companies which had placed their securities at the LSE after 1 April 2007.
  • Pharmstandard launches 10 new products.

Key Developments in 2006

  • Pharmstandard acquires Masterlek JSC, Moscow. The Group expands its product range by launching the production of Arbidol®, Amiksin® and Flucostat®.
  • Pharmstandard opens new lines for the production of tablets and pills, sprays, sachets and capsules at its Pharmstandard – Leksredstva JSC facility in Kursk.
  • Pharmstandard launches a new line for the production of genetically engineered insulin human Biosulin® at its Pharmstandard – Ufavita JSC facility in Ufa.

Key Developments in 2005

  • Pharmstandard becomes No1 in the Russian Pharmaceutical Manufacturers’ Rating[11].
  • Pharmstandard acquires Tyumen Plant of Medical Equipment and Tools JSC.
  • Pharmstandard develops and implements a unified Enterprise Resource Planning System (ERP-System) throughout the company.

Key Developments in 2004

  • The Group registers the new company name – Pharmstandard.
  • The Group starts to implement a new strategy focused on intensification of production, promotion of centralized sales and formation of marketing infrastructure. 

Key Developments 2003

  • The Group acquires ICN Pharmaceuticals business in Russia and undertakes the task of restructuring it into a modern integrated pharmaceutical company alongside with forming a flexible management structure based on the vast knowledge of the Russian pharmaceutical market and substantial experience in other business spheres.

[1] Victor Kharitonin, Executive Director, Chairman of the Board of Directors of OJSC "Pharmstandard".

[2] Alexander Shuster, member of the Board of Directors of OJSC «Pharmstandard»

[3] According to the data of independent analytical Market Research Centre Pharmexpert.

[4] According to the data of independent analytical Market Research Centre Pharmexpert.

[5] The annual national business award 'Company of the Year' is organized by RBK Holdings.

[6] According to the data base of Market Research Centre 'Pharmexpert' for 2010.

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[8] Source: Pharmexpert, Analytical Survey of the Russian Pharmaceutical Market, Issues 7–8, 2008

[9] Source: Pharmexpert Marketing Research Centre, Results of the medicines and biologically active supplements retail segment operations over 9 months of 2008

[10] Source: Company of the Year Annual National Award

[11] Source: Pharmaceutical Bulletin, Iss.21, 2004



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