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Pharmstandard JSC, Russia’s leading pharmaceutical company, develops and manufactures high-quality modern pharmaceutical products which meet the requirements of the healthcare system and the expectations of patients.

The most popular Pharmstandard products today are Arbidol®, Complivit®, Pentalgin®, Flucostat®, Phosphoglive®, Amixin®, Afobazol®, Rastan® and Biosulin®. The Company manufactures more than 250 pharmaceutical products including drugs for treatments of cardio-vascular diseases, diabetes, growth hormone deficiency, gastroenterological, neurological, contagious diseases, metabolic disorders, cancer and other diseases. More than 120 Pharmstandard products (taking into account all forms and dosages) are included in the list of Vital and Essential Pharmaceuticals.

As of 2004 Pharmstandard developed more than 60 new pharmaceutical products in co-operation with Russia’s leading scientific centers.

The Сompany’s total production capacity has reached more than 1,7 bn packs per year. Pharmstandard production assets consist of 8 modernized pharmaceutical plants: Pharmstandard-Leksredstva JSC (Kursk), Pharmstandard-UfaVita JSC (Ufa), Pharmstandard-Tomskhimpharm JSC (Tomsk), Pharmstandard-Biolek JSC (Kharkov, Ukraine), Biomed named after I. I. Mechnikov JSC (Moscow, Moscow Region), Pharmapark LLC (Moscow), LEKKO CJSC (Russia, Vladimir region), medical equipment plant TZMOI JSC (Tyumen) and Pharmstandard LLC — a company responsible for the purchase and supply of raw materials for manufacturing of pharmaceutical products at Pharmstandard production facilities.

All Company’s production facilities fully comply with Russian national standards, while 6 production lines at JSC Pharmstandard-Leksredstva have already received certificates of compliance with the EU GMP standards. All plants are to be converted to European GMP standards by 2014, according to the schedule approved by Company’s management.

May 4, 2007 — Pharmstandard placed its shares during the IPO (Initial Public Offering). Pharmstandard’s shares and GDRs are traded on the RTS-MICEX and LSE, respectively.


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