Pharma companies do not expect shortages of medicines due to abandonment of European packaging


TASS, 13 April 2022 

Domestic pharmaceutical companies are continuing production as usual and are not experiencing difficulties with switching to packaging from other suppliers. This was reported to TASS by the manufacturers interviewed.


State production of drugs confirmed at Pharmstandard group of companies. 'The Pharmstandard group of companies continues to produce and supply medicines as usual; all products are labelled in accordance with legal requirements. Today, our product range includes more than 450 names of medicines in various forms and dosages,' Pharmstandard's press service reported.

There are also no packaging problems at the group's facilities. 'We are not currently experiencing a shortage of cardboard for drug packaging, as we have diversified our supply in advance by expanding the range of cardboard grades we buy for the manufacture of drug packaging, including Russian cardboard. We do not aim to stock packages for more than 2 months. Our suppliers have 1 to 2 months worth of stock of cardboard available. The average planning horizon is four to six months,' the company stated.


In turn, the Ministry of Industry and Trade noted that imports of coated cardboard to Russia have not stopped: it continues to enter the Russian market from South Korea, China and Belarus. There is also a stock of products in the distributors' warehouses, including those made in Europe.

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