Pharmstandard will launch somatropin supplies to Circle of Kindness in April


Somatropin is to be purchased for the Circle of Kindness for the first time. In October 2023, Circle of Kindness added Turner syndrome to the list of diseases the treated at the expense of the fund. The genomic disease is characterized by various physical development abnormalities. One of them, dwarfism, is corrected by the somatropin hormone.

27 thousand doses are needed annually. Pharmstandard will increase manufacture of somatropin (trade name — Rastan) to cover this need. According to Dmitry Pechenin, Deputy General Director of Pharmstandard JSC for State Programmes and Special Projects, deliveries will be performed in stages.

To meet the needs of the sponsees of the Circle of Kindness Foundation, Pharmstandard also continues the supply of the drug products Myalepta and Lojuxta, not registered in Russia, manufactured by the Irish company Amryt Pharmaceuticals DAC. First distribution agreements with the manufacturing company were concluded in 2023.

The supplied drug products are intended for the treatment of children suffering from orphan diseases — lipodystrophy and homozygous familial hypercholesterolemia. “Despite the difficulties related to drug products shipment from Europe, last year we managed to support 6 patients in Moscow, St. Petersburg, Rostov, the Chechen Republic and the Republic of Ingushetia. This year we will also do our best to meet the needs of all the patients who need these drug products,” Dmitry Pechenin stressed.

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