Pharmstandard Awarded in Flying High Nomination



Awarding of the winners in the Flying High nomination was held in Dolgoprudny. The competition was established on the initiative of Vladislav Yudin, Head of the urban district.

The nominees were selected among the best-performing companies in 2022 that made a significant impact on the various spheres of life of the district. Winners were chosen in 26 nominations, including Health in Focus, Culture of Enlightenment, Loyalty to the Motherland and many others.

The awards ceremony began with the Flying High nomination. Pharmstandard was declared the winner in recognition of its significant contribution to Dolgoprudny’s budget and the increase in new revenues.

“History, as they say, is made by people. People who are selflessly dedicated to their work, who respect their duty to their Motherland, and who keep moving forward confidently even in difficult circumstances. It was a year of new challenges, a year of new tasks and solutions. Our main goal is to promote economic growth of the district. And we have succeeded. The district has taken another step forward,” said Vladislav Yudin.

“The entire economic complex of the city worked efficiently in 2022, but there are those who did it better, brighter. These are the leaders in their industries. I appreciate your hard work and the opportunity to speak proudly of Dolgoprudny,” added the head of the urban district, presenting the awards.

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