Pharmstandard Is Russia’s Most Influential Pharmaceutical Company 2022



Bionika Media and Pharmvestnik have published the results of their annual Influence Ranking of the Russian pharmaceutical market players for 2022. Pharmstandard took the lead in the TOP 10 local manufacturing companies once again.

The Influence Ranking is based on the annual independent survey of expert opinions. The survey was carried out by Bionika Media. The survey involved 448 employees of pharmacy chains and pharma companies, governmental departments involved in health care organisation, health care providers and members of the scientific community from 84 cities in Russia.

As noted by Pharmvestnik, questions were asked in an open form allowing the participants to give arbitrary answers. The respondents compiled their own ranking lists for each of the nominations. According to the survey, Pharmstandard once again took the lead in the TOP 10 local manufacturing companies that had the greatest influence on the development of the pharmaceutical market in 2022. 

Pharmstandard company, established in 2003, is one of the leaders of the Russian pharmaceutical market. It is included in the List of Strategic Organisations of the Russian Federation.

Pharmstandard owns four GMP certified production facilities for the manufacture of pharmaceutical products in different geographical areas of our country: Phs-Leksredstva JSC (Kursk), Pharmstandard-UfaVITA JSC (Ufa), PHS-Tomskhimpharm JSC (Tomsk), LEKKO CJSC (Volginsky settlement, Vladimir Region).

The product range of these companies includes over 400 pharmaceutical products of different forms and dosages. Their operating capacities provide for an annual production of 1.7 billion packages of pharmaceutical products (based on 10 tablets per package).

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