Pharmstandard Releases the First Lot of Labeled Nutritional Supplements


Pharmstandard Group has released the first lot of labeled nutritional supplements – Asvitol®Sun chewable tablets in a pack. The special DataMatrix codes required for the operation of the labeling system were applied to the package by sticking.

Pharmstandard was one of the first to join the pilot project - trial labeling of nutritional supplements. It's worth noting that the company has been successfully labeling medicinal products for several years.

"The enterprises of Pharmstandard Group apply the Honest Sign system for labeling medicinal products. We joined the project of labelling nutritional supplements at the initial stage of the trial. Previously, we successfully tested the labeling of our own product — Hematogen for Kids nutritional supplement - at our plant in Kursk, and now we have released the labeled lot of Asvitol®Sun chewable tablets from OTCPharm at Pharmstandard-UfaVITA plant. Our production lines were fitted with the necessary equipment by the Russian company Medtech TD, engaged in developing and implementing software and hardware systems for automating the processes of labeling, serialization and aggregation. We have been successfully cooperating with Medtech TD for several years. We are confident that the labeling of nutritional supplements will ensure product authenticity and proper quality for consumers. While the concerted activities of all parties will contribute to the successful launch of mandatory labeling of nutritional supplements within the stated timeframe," noted Grigory Potapov, CEO of JSC “Pharmstandard”.


"Our subject matter expert team has been supporting Pharmstandard manufacturing sites since 2019. We offer our partners software solutions based on piezo inkjet printing technology with UV curing from Medtech TD.  Thanks to our experience with the labeling of medicinal products, we have found the most suitable technical solution for labeling nutritional supplements. The roll of piezo-printed codes with UV-curing is placed in the applicator on the finished product line, and then stickers are applied to the end of each package. As part of the trial, 5,740 packages were labeled at JSC “Pharmstandard-UfaVITA”. After that, the products arrive at the MTD-TRA-01 flow aggregation system installed on SZH-60 open upbox packaging machines," said Nikolai Semykin, Technical Director of Medtech TD, about the code application technology.

"Pharmstandard has started to prepare in advance for the launch of mandatory labeling of nutritional supplements. This is testimony to the fact that the company is interested in building effective processes. The company's experts also support small and micro enterprises, actively participate in all working groups of the trial. With special reference to Pharmstandard, we would recommend not putting it off and start preparing for the introduction of nutritional supplement labeling right now. This will make possible to test the correct technical solution both with the integrator and independently, to enter into contracts for supply of the necessary equipment, to smoothly implement the system", commented Revaz Yusupov, Deputy General Director of CRPT.

According to the Higher School of Economics, today the share of illicit trafficking in nutritional supplements in Russia is almost 60 %. Labeling will make it possible to fully trace the flow of goods and reduce sales of illegal products. On the one hand, this leads to an increase in the safety of products appearing on the market. On the other hand, it boosts the income of legal manufacturers.

The trial labeling of nutritional supplements started in our country in May 2021 and will last until March 2023. From April 1, registration in the Honest Sign national system will become mandatory for participants in the circulation of nutritional supplements, and manufacturers will be required to apply digital labeling codes to each product unit.

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