OJSC Pharmstandard reports on closing transaction sales 11, 4% ordinary shares of the pharmaceutical company JSC «Grindex»


Moscow, 29 October 2010 – OJSC Pharmstandard (LSE: PHST IL, RTS: PHST RU), announces closing transaction sales of ordinary shares of pharmaceutical company JSC «Grindex».

Ordinary shares of the pharmaceutical company JSC «Grindex» were acquired by the investment company, the transaction amounted to EURO12, 446 million.

Shares were purchased from one of the shareholders of JSC in April «Grindex».

The company's management of OJSC «Pharmstandard» and JSC «Grindex» confirms their intention to continue cooperating with the sale, marketing and production of Mildronate ® on JSC «Pharmstandard-Ufavita».

For more information please contact to:

Ilya Krylov
IR manager
OJSC Pharmstandard
Likhachevsky drive, 5 «B» Moscow region,Dolgoprudny, Russia, 141700.  
Tel/Fax: (495) 970-0030/32

Vadims Rabša
Finance and Administrative director
Investor relations and financial issues
JSC «Grindeks» 
53 Krustpils St, Riga, LV 1057, Latvia 
Fixed: (+371) 67083500

About Pharmstandard:
Pharmstandard is the leader of Russian pharmaceutical industry in R&D and production of the medicinal products. 

Pharmstandard became ¹1 among all pharmaceutical companies represented on commercial market in Russia. Market share of Pharmstandard reached 5% for the 9 month of 2010¹. The Company is the leader measured by sales in the whole Russian pharmaceutical market in the year 2009². Since 2007 Pharmstandard keeps its leading position in commercial segment and remains strong leader among the domestic pharmaceutical company-manufacturers, having increased it’s market share from 18,9% in 2008 up to 20% in 2009². During the tenth anniversary of «Platinum Ounce 2009», the open competition among professionals of pharma business, Pharmstandard was awarded in the nominations for «The Company of the Year - the Russian pharmaceutical products manufacturer» and «The Company of Decade - the Russian pharmaceutical products manufacturer».

Pharmstandard operates three modern pharmaceutical manufacturing facilities: JSC “Pharmstandard-Leksredstva” in Kursk, JSC “Pharmstandard-UfaVITA” in Ufa, JSC “Pharmstandard-Tomskhimpharm“  in Tomsk and medical equipment factory JSC “TZMOI” in Tyumen.

The Company has invested approximately RUR 3 billion RUR in modernization and development of production capacities reaching more than 1,35 bln units per year. All the production facilities fully comply with Russian manufacturing standards. Six production lines of JSC «Pharmstandard-Leksredstva» meet EU GMP requirements.

Pharmstandard portfolio includes over 250 products used in the treatment of diabetes, growth hormone deficiency, cardiovascular diseases, gastroenterological and neurological disorders, infectious diseases, cancer, etc. 86 products offered by Pharmstandard are included in the List of Vital and Essential Pharmaceuticals.

Among our market-leading brands are Arbidol®, Complivit®, Pentalgin®, Flucostat®, Phosphogliv®, Amixin® and Afobazol®. Antiviral product «Arbidol» was awarded for «Platinum ounce 2009» in the nominations «OTC Product of the Year» and «OTC Product of Decade». Pentalgin® has been granted “BRAND #1 IN RUSSIA” award for 2009 in analgesics category.

In 2004–1H2010, we developed and introduced over 40 new pharmaceutical products in close collaboration with the leading scientific centers of Russia.  Pharmstandard is the partner of the joint venture biotechnological project “Generium” in order to develop and manufacture innovative biological products within the state program of import substitution.

Pharmstandard became a public company in 2007 by offering to the public 27.6% of its share capital in the form of GDR on the London Stock Exchange (LSE) and 18.1% of its share capital in the form of ordinary shares on two local stock exchanges (RTS, MICEX). Approximately 54.3%of voting shares of OJSC “Pharmstandard” are held by “Augment Investments Limited”.            

¹ According to Pharmexpert base.
²Pharmexpert (CMR) 2009 market data


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