'It's time to commit to the cause,' says Vladimir Kreiman


Vladimir Kreiman, General Director of Pharmstandard-Leksredstva, gave an interview to Pharmvestnik, where he spoke about the prospect of rapid import substitution and plans to increase production volumes, including the OTCPharm product line. OTCPharm products represent a significant share among the 500 million product units manufactured by the factory each year. For more details, read the article on the Pharmvestnik website.

Source: https://pharmvestnik.ru/content/articles/Vladimir-Kreiman-Nastalo-vremya-vzyatsya-za-delo-reshitelno.html

Panic-free production 

— In mid-March, there were reports that some essential medications had disappeared from retail in Moscow, and that there were huge queues in the pharmacies. How was the situation in Kursk? 

— I am yet to see any evidence of this 'severe situation' that many people are talking about. Look for yourself. Have you noticed the factory parking space? There's about 3,000 m2 of parking space with no vacant place in sight. The factory is up and running, and the logistics are also operational. Medicines are produced and staff are paid for their work. As for pharmacies, I don't think that people without serious or chronic illnesses need to worry and purchase medications in bulk. Of course, you can take Arbidol as a preventive, but there is no point in keeping several packs of painkillers at your home – they will expire and you'll have to just throw them away There may be an extremely high demand for medicines in Moscow, but not in Kursk.