From a candle factory to Pharmstandard: Kursk plant turns 100


The Kursk pharmaceutical plant, Phs-Leksredstva JSC celebrates its centenary this year. The facility was established on the basis of a candle factory in 1922. 

In March 1922, a chemical-pharmaceutical plant was founded on the basis of the Galenic plant. According to research data, cosmetic products such as cologne, tooth powder and elixirs were made here. In October 1934, the plant had pill, ointment, packing and drying workshops. In 1940, a new ampoule workshop was opened, where injection ampolues were filled with camphor oil, caffeine, novocaine, pantopon and other solutions. The bacteriological laboratory was opened at the workshop.

In the late 1960s, the plant moved to a new site to increase the range of medicines manufactured. In the 1970s, the company started producing chemical substances at the pharmaceutical industry level.

In 2003, the plant joined the Pharmstandard Group and was renamed Pharmstandard-Leksredstva OJSC next year. The company built new production lines for solid dosage forms, hard gelatin capsules, sprays and aerosols. GMP certificates have been obtained, allowing the production of tablets and syrups. The company is advanced in the development of new pharmaceutical products, a significant proportion of which are analogues of imported medicines.

Today Phs-Leksredstva JSC is one of the largest pharmaceutical manufacturers in Russia. Company premises amount to approximately 15 hectares. More than 38,000 square metres are occupied by the production and storage facilities.  Phs-Leksredstva JSC OJSC includes 6 operating production workshops with 26 production sites.

The production process is organised in strict compliance with the Good Manufacturing Practice Requirements of the Eurasian Economic Union.