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Source: Rossiyskaya Gazeta, 29.03.2017

On March 28, the press conference on launching the III International Pharmaceutical Award “Green Cross” was held in Rossiyskaya Gazeta media center.

The press conference was attended by Garik Tadevosyan, Chairman of Green Cross Organizing Committee; Tatyana Litvinova, Deputy Director General, Alpha Research & Marketing; Julia Nechaeva, Director of Strategic Research, DSM Group; Marina Shepotinenko, Customer Relations Director, GfK; Pavel Raschupkin, Analytics Director, RNC Pharma; Svetlana Polikanina, Romir Project Manager.


In 2017, our award ceremony will be conducted the third time, but describing Green Cross Award, we could apply the epithet "most". We are the most representative pharmacy award in the Russian market, in the context of 500 experts serving on Green Cross Award at the moment. Most of them are representatives of pharmacy chains, heads of pharmacies, leading experts. There`s a fair number of distribution companies. Just in early 2017, during the previous month, we actively started to connect pharmaceutical companies, and for a month the number of experts has increased by more than 200 people, - said Chairman of Green Cross Organizing Committee.


Svetlana Polikanina, Romir Project Manager, told about the survey, based on a pall among 450 experts representing the Russian pharmaceutical industry. The survey covers 26 cities, the expert community representatives of completely different levels, of completely different fields, including government officials, science representatives, pharma distributor representatives, manufacturers of Russian and foreign pharmaceuticals and medical products, pharmacy representatives.

“When it comes to the nomination “Domestic pharmaceutical manufacturers”, according to the polled experts by results 2016 this is "Pharmstandard". This is the very place which Pharmstandard have been ranking since 2013," said Svetlana Polikanina .

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