In 2016 Russia imported 11.4 thousand tons of pharmaceutical substances


Source: GMP News, 01.02.2017

In 2016, 11.4 thd. tons of active pharmaceutical ingredients (API) were imported into Russia for a total of 59.3 billion rubles (at free circulation value). The API supply growth rate vs 2015 in monetary terms (rubles) has dropped to its minimum for the last 6 years and amounted to only 3.3%.

As to the volume of imported APIs, its growth rate on the contrary has reached the maximum, increasing YoY by 24%.

Along with the supply volume increase, the range of the imported products has substantially extended throughout the year: 707 various APIs were imported in 2016, compared to 627 in 2015 and only 444 in 2010.

Special mention must be made of so called technical APIs, substances of certain pharmacological activity, noncompliant with the compendial grade by purity (chemical or microbiological).


In 2016, 128 items of such substances were imported into Russia for a total of 1.9 billion rubles showing an increase of almost 50% in rubles, while the technical API import volume doubled and amounted to almost 840 tons; but it`s a relatively minor share of the total imported raw material volume (approx. 7.4%).

The major importers of APIs are the manufacturing companies, while the localised facilities of foreign companies are playing the key role. By results 2016 Servier, KRKA-Rus and Pharmstandard are the leaders, having imported 38.5% of the total API import value and 31.5% of the total volume.

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